What is seaweed bokashi and what benefits does it bring to cannabis cultivation?

Seaweed bokashi is a fermented fertilizer made from seaweed that has become very popular with organic cannabis growers looking for more defined aroma/flavor properties. In addition, its multiple virtues make it a great tool to get the most out of crops by taking advantage of existing resources in nature.

The use of seaweed as a natural form of fertilization for cannabis cultivation is increasing every day, despite the fact that it has been used in agricultural practices for centuries. As well as being organic and sustainable, it is also packed with beneficial nutrients intended to help the cannabis plant achieve optimal size, health and growth.

In the same way, bokashi is a method of composting used in organic farming that has become very popular, since it improves life in the soil, creating a substrate where natural mechanisms are enhanced so that plants benefit from a good general balance, correct nutrition and optimal protection.

What does seaweed bokashi consist of?

Bokashi is a Japanese word that means “fermented organic matter”, a compost that uses anaerobic fermentation processes to convert waste into organic fertilizer, producing the highest nutritional value in the shortest time available among the various composting methods that exist.

In the case of Breeder’s Mix seaweed bokashi, or Seaweed Bokashi©, it is obtained by stabilized fermentation from giant Macrocystis pyrifera seaweed (which has a high content of naturally occurring polysaccharides) together with a plant-derived structuring agent, therefore, it does not provide traces of animal origin or chemical products.

This makes it an ideal element for vegan organic cultivation, a method that more and more growers are betting on to produce plants with very intense aromas and flavors.

What advantages does algae bokashi bring to marijuana plants?

When you use bokashi seaweed to grow cannabis, you will discover the wonderful benefits of this organic superfood:

  • It is rich in slowly released nitrogen as well as in micro and macronutrients, making it ideal for use from the early stages of cultivation: plants enhance their ability to absorb nutrients that will be crucial for their growth, increasing yield.
  • The plants grow more vigorous and with a great immunological capacity, which is expressed in greater resistance to difficult environmental conditions or when it is necessary to transplant, producing plants with the ability to better defend themselves against pests and diseases.
  • It also acts as a nutritional promoter to achieve more abundant flowering, facilitating the formation of buds with improved aroma, flavor, color and performance.
  • The use of this type of organic nutrition has also shown properties to ward off pests and attract beneficial insects, in addition to not containing weed seeds.
  • It can also be used to improve the physical structure of the soil, increasing substrate permeability, water retention and drainage, creating the perfect conditions for an optimal root system.

How does seaweed bokashi work?

The seaweed bokashi can be applied buried as a background fertilizer prior to the implantation of the crop, as a cover fertilizer at the beginning of the vegetative growth period or as a mixture of amendments/substrates.

When added to soil, this fermented compost will break down quickly and attract worms, fungi, bacteria and other beneficial organisms that play a vital role in organic substrates, providing the perfect medium for a complex, living ecosystem to develop that breaks down The matter.

The result is the transformation of seaweed from the ocean into a slow-release, high-quality nutrient source for use on land, enabling vigorous and healthy growth of your cannabis plants like never before.