Seaweed-based fertilizers?

Breeder’s Mix, a new brand of substrates and biostimulants that provides the active ingredients of algae to technical horticulture. The objective of Breeder’s Mix is ​​to offer unique products to all those growers who wish to take another step towards organic and natural farming.

This company was born within the pharmaceutical industry, specifically supplying agar-agar, an essential element in the preparation of microbiological culture media. Thanks to years of experience, it has been possible to verify how algae provide a multitude of elements that act as growth promoters and stimulate beneficial processes for living beings.

From here Breeder’s Mix was born, to be able to transmit that knowledge to the cultivation of plants and make them reach their full potential, using 100% natural means. From the beginning, the goal was to unite the concepts of organic, vegan, production and quality. A paradigm shift was sought, a new way of understanding crops and a modern and current image that would transmit these concepts to us.

It is this aspect, and no other, that prevails in Breeder’s Mix, and that is why only the highest quality raw materials are selected. Its most important value is its algae, especially the Macrocystis Piryfera algae. Despite its name, you all know it, it is that giant algae that grows to lengths of 30-50 meters in the waters of Baja California, Mexico. This alga is characterized by its high content of active ingredients, after all, it is capable of growing up to 60 cm per day in its periods of greatest growth!

Not only does the type of algae influence the product manufacturing process, but the treatment given to them, both at harvest and at the time of obtaining their active ingredients, also takes on special value. In Breeder’s Mix they are harvested in a 100% sustainable way, because unlike other algae, Macrocystis algae is only harvested from a very specific area, the canopy, the part that reaches so high that it reaches the surface of the seas.

Once collected, it is important to treat the algae properly. In Breeder’s Mix they treat the algae fresh to prevent the loss of active ingredients during the phases prior to extraction.

Finally we come to the extraction, this point is in our opinion key to obtaining the active ingredients with the highest quality available. It is important to distinguish that there are several extraction methods and that not all are equally effective. For example, if we use temperature to weaken the cell walls of the algae and thus obtain all the nutrients from its interior, we will have some elements and proteins that are unable to withstand the temperatures to which we subject the algae and therefore denature, destroy or evaporate. (as is the case of auxins).

In Breeder’s Mix, extraction methods similar to those of the pharmacological industry are used, where the objective is to maintain all the active ingredients with their maximum biological activity. To do this, the extraction process is carried out without increases in temperature or pressure, so that the active ingredients of the algae are not affected.