How to get the maximum flavor and aroma in your marijuana buds?

The taste and perfume of cannabis are two of the traits most appreciated by users. Implementing certain cultivation techniques can favor your harvest to increase its organoleptic properties, in this article we explain how to do it.

Why does marijuana have that flavor and aroma?

Those responsible for making cannabis have that aroma and flavor that drives users all over the world crazy are terpenes. These aromatic molecules are formed in the resin of the flowers (along with other compounds such as cannabinoids), and are responsible for outlining and defining the aromatic properties of each variety.

These compounds are highly volatile, therefore, they are often lost due to poor cultivation practices.

How to enhance the amount of terpenes in your harvest?

Some buds with a poor taste and smell do not have to have a low content of cannabinoids, it may be the case that cannabis is powerful in terms of effect but not very aromatic. However, the pleasure of tasting the complex terpene profiles is one of the “must” for most growers, therefore, below we will give you all the keys so that this does not happen.

  • Choose the variety you are going to grow carefully: not all strains produce the same amount of terpenes, even under the same growing conditions, some genetics will generate more aromatic buds than others. Research well what kind of varieties are famous for the intensity of their smell before choosing your seeds, today you have a multitude of information that seed banks and official distributors provide.
  • Avoid hot spots and excessive temperatures: terpenes volatilize easily when they are subjected to heat, so if you grow indoors it is important that you keep the right distance between the lamp and the buds of your plants (which will depend on the lighting system that you use). use, LED, HPS, etc), as well as the temperature of the space.
  • Use fertilizers of organic origin: mineral fertilizers, also commonly called “chemicals”, can modify the taste of your crops. When these types of products are used, especially if the roots are not properly washed at the end of the cycle, the cannabis can taste of poor quality; Some even describe the experience as “itching or scratching in the throat” when consuming it. For this reason, it is advisable to use biological fertilizers that respect and do not interfere with the original flavor of cannabis varieties. In addition, organic fertilizers, especially those of superior quality such as those made with algae, enhance the general health of the plants and this translates into a greater production of terpenes, with which the aroma and flavor of the harvest will be elderly.
  • Apply a good root wash: it is always advisable to wash the roots towards the end of the crop to clean any possible salts and residues that may have accumulated in the substrate and, in this way, achieve a cleaner flavor and aroma.
  • Carry out a correct drying and curing: many growers underestimate the value of this final process, maintaining correct temperature and humidity parameters when drying and curing your marijuana flowers will help you preserve the terpene levels.

Now that you know these keys to enhance the aroma and flavor of your crops, it will surely be much easier for you to obtain tasty cannabis flowers, just by putting these simple practices into practice, you will significantly increase the quality of the final product.