How algae can help your cannabis plants fight stress?

Stress in cannabis plants can affect the quantity and quality of the harvest. In this article we explain the types of stress that your plants can suffer and how seaweed can help you prevent it and help your crop recover quickly.

Why are marijuana plants stressed?

Cannabis plants can suffer from different types of stress, which can lead to poor quality yields if you do not take any action. Generally speaking, stress types are divided into two groups: biotic and abiotic stress.

Biotic stress is produced by pests, fungi, bacteria, parasites, viruses and other microorganisms. Threats that can cause irreparable damage to affected crops if prevention measures have not been taken, such as increasing the natural defenses of plants through the use of bio-stimulators such as algae extract.

Abiotic stress is caused by drought, excess water, nutritional deficiencies, pruning, excessive wind, lack or excess of light, heat, cold or the lowering of the natural defenses of the plant itself.

How can algae help combat stress in marijuana plants?

When cannabis plants suffer from stress, be it biotic or abiotic, as a general rule their development is slowed down both in the aerial part and in the underground part, even coming to a complete stop and even dying in the most extreme cases. Seaweed can be a great ally both to prevent stress (because they strengthen and increase the plant’s defenses) and to recover it from periods of stress:

The rich composition of algae (vitamins, microelements, macroelements and phytohormones) stimulates the development of new leaves, stems and flowers, as well as a healthy and strong root system. In addition, its use has a strong effect on the ability of plants to carry out photosynthesis, which translates into larger, greener, healthier and more vigorous plants.

On the other hand, algae also improve resistance against attacks by pests and fungi; and substantially increase resistance to abiotic stress. At soil level, they help retain moisture, regulate the pH in the medium-long term and serve as food for beneficial microorganisms. A “total recuperator”, which also helps improve the quality of the harvest (aroma, flavor, potency, resin) and its productivity.

How to help your plants recover after a period of stress?

To help your marijuana plants recover after suffering some of the types of stress that we have discussed above, there are several options:

  • Foliar application of products made from algae, such as TIDE from Breeder’s Mix. With this, you will achieve greater stimulation and uptake of nutrients by the plant, however, foliar spraying is not recommended when the plants are in advanced flowering.
  • The application of the same product in irrigation. The recovery of affected plants will be slower (compared to foliar application), but it can be applied throughout the crop cycle.

For both cases, it is advisable to make two or three applications of a fertilizer rich in algae (whether liquid or solid) and keep a continuous observation of the crop while waiting for the first signs of improvement.