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Why is Breeder’s Mix different?

Breeders’ Mix Substrates, Fertilizers and Biostimulants are made from seaweed.

What could be more natural for your plants?

Breeders’ Mix products are natural and organic. The results in the crops are impressive, you will not miss the chemical products.

Are you a self-cultivator?

Are you professional?


The base of our substrates is the Seaweed Bokashi©. It is a compost of algae, fermented under controlled conditions according to BCB (Biological Crop Booster) technology. It provides plants with micro and macronutrients, as well as a load of regenerating soil microorganisms that help root development. Breeders´Mix is the owner of this technology and there are no other products on the market that incorporate it.


It is our low nutritional load substrate, specially designed for growers who want to fully control their fertilization plan. It is a high quality organic substrate composed of fibre, coconut and bokashi seaweed.


It is our intermediate substrate for growers who want some control in the process of growing their plants. It has a high drainage capacity for growers who want to keep fertilization under control using coconut fibre bases.



An organic substrate with all the ingredients for 2 months of cultivation? This is your substrate. High nutritional load designed for a crop with little attention. Composed of a mixture of bokashi seaweed, vegetable compost, peat, coconut fibre and perlite.


Our fertilizers and biostimulants are formulated according to a proprietary technology for extracting the active ingredients from seaweed. We use algae from the Macrocystis Pyrifera family as the basis for our products, due to their very high growth capacity. These algae provide high levels of oligo-alginates, vitamins and hormones that improve flower development, as well as polysaccharides that improve water retention by the plant.


Once we have planted the seeds, it is convenient to use a base fertilizer to help its development. Mákara is our base fertilizer. It is a premium organic fertilizer that stimulates the root system, provides nutrients and with which excellent flowering is achieved.


The second phase of the plant’s life is just as important. That a plant grows strong and healthy is vital for its life and its flowering. Kaia is a specific organic fertilizer for this phase, its composition based on Macrocystis pyrifera algae and pelagic protein strengthens the growth and vegetative development of your plants.


During flowering, plants require all their energy. We help them with Dry Tide, an all-organic, potassium-rich bloom promoter. It is made from Macrocystis pyrifera algae that have a high content of potassium and polysaccharides of natural origin.


Once the plants have flowered, it is time to mature. This is the phase in which they consume a lot of energy and need an extra. For this we have Waika, our phosphorus-rich fertilizer that provides the nutrients that the plant needs in its maturation phase and helps in fruit set.


For specific problems specific products. Discover our range of accessories.


Plants may experience stress during cultivation. Pests, lack of nutrients, lack of irrigation… there are many problems that we can find. To prevent or help with all these inconveniences, we have developed Tide, an organic liquid biostimulant with a high content of polysaccharides of natural origin. Its benefits are many: it helps during growth, it increases the cellular level of the plant in stems, leaves, branches and roots, and, finally, it increases flowering levels, achieving more abundant harvests.

Substrate activator

The substrate is the basis of the entire crop and some require a supply of micronutrients. For this contribution is Ficosagro, a liquid biostimulant that activates the microbial life of the soil, providing bacillus (families of beneficial bacteria for plants) and algae extracts. Its benefits are many:

  • Accelerates the decomposition of organic matter.
  • Regenerates the biological potential of the substrate.
  • Improves root absorption of nutrients and favors their release (N, P)
  • Improves crop yield

Extra calcium and magnesium

Irrigation is essential for all crops and some of the water we use is deficient in calcium and magnesium. Calcium deficiency symptoms first appear on leaves, shriveled, small or misshapen leaves, spots, poor growth, or fruit damage. Magnesium in photosynthesis and in the chlorophyll molecule. The symptoms will also be quickly perceived with stains on the oldest leaves. To avoid this damage to plants, we have developed Sedna, a liquid fertilizer rich in calcium and magnesium, especially indicated for improving the quality of irrigation water.

Take it easy. grow kit

Do you want to make a crop of 8 plants and that all the products come in a pack? We have our grow kit with all our necessary products in small format.

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