Dry Tide

You have in your hands the best algae fertilizer on the market.

What is Dry Tide?

Dry Tide is a biostimulant that manages to combine the benefits of probiotic elements (microorganisms) and prebiotic compounds (marine algae).

What does it mean for my plants?

Dry tide is suitable for all types of plants.

It is a unique and exclusive combination for the benefit of crops and the environment. The microorganism-algae consortium exerts functional actions on crop nutrition, as well as overcoming abiotic and biotic stress situations. In addition, they also exert hormonal effects that, indirectly, contribute to the increase of growth parameters in the crop.

How do I use it?

In substrate:

(when you are going to plant a plant or make a transplant):

Mix 30 grams of Dry Tide for every 10 liters of growing medium.

In irrigation:

Dilute 3 grams (one teaspoon) of Dry Tide per liter, stir until the mixture is homogenized and water your plants!

What will my plants feel?

Dry Tide is a biostimulant with a richness N-P-K: 1-0,15-14 that will help the development of your plants at all stages of growth.
It will enhance the microbial development of the substrate and your plants will be stronger and more resistant.
It will help your roots
It will absorb nutrients better
It will help them in stress situations (lack of watering, pests, etc…).

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